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Bangladesh: Hindu teacher suspended over blasphemy allegation in Nilphamari, situation tense

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Persecution on Hindu minority community of Bangladesh continues. During this hard time, as Bangladesh is facing worst flood condition of two decades, attack on Hindu minorities in several districts of Bangladesh being reported.

This time a hindu minority school teacher have been suspended due to blasphemy allegation.

This time Ishwar Chandra Roy, a social science teacher in Nilphamari, Bangladesh, has been fired for allegedly insulting Islam. In Bangladesh, one Hindu teacher after another is being targeted and killed in the name of religion. 

The incident took place on Saturday, June 18. The accusedt eacher was suspended after the headmaster's managing committee called an emergency meeting in the face of protests from locals on Saturday. 

Students and locals alleged that during the 10th class agricultural education examination in the hall room of Kokai Baragachha High School on 15th June, when the students spoke loudly, the social science teacher of the school Ishwar Chandra Roy told the students).

Students alleged that during class, the teacher insulted Prophet Muhammad and when they protested, the teacher threatened them. Later, the incident had spread and on 18th June, local muslims in huge number marched towards school. They demanded an apology from that teacher.

Later, school managing committee members and local Union chairman Aminur Rahman called and emergency meeting. To pacify the angry mob, the teacher was suspended. But the situation is still tense in that area. 

Experts say, nowadays targeting hindu minorities over blasphemy allegation have become very common in Bangladesh. In recent past, many hindu youths have been arrested and houses of hindu minorities attacked over facebook post. But in most of the cases, it has been revealed in investigation that most of the allegation are motivated and false.

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