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Attack on Hindu Minority, all are associated with ruling Party Awami League

Image: Islamic mob burnt the houses of Hindu minorities.

The police arrested 9 people from Dighlia village under Lohagara upazila of Narail district accused in the attack on the house and temple of Hindu minority community.

According to news sources, among the arrested, four are Awami League.The identity of the remaining 5 people has not been found, but the remaining 4 are staunch supporters of Awami League. A person named Ujjwal Sheikh has been identified as accused number 9. His house is in Batikabari village. He was arrested from Bagharpara village, Jessore, around midnight.

According to news sources, Ujjal Sheikh's father is the former president of Awami League of Dighalia Union, his wife Shamsunnahar Swarna is the general secretary of Women's Awami League of Dighlia Union, brother Emdadul Haque is the general secretary of Krishak League of Dighlia Union.  Although Ujwal Sheikh is not involved in politics, Awami League is associated with it through family sources.

The investigation team arrested him on suspicion. Ujjbal Sheikh claims that he is not involved in all this. Yesterday, Ujjbal Sheikh told 'Ajak Patrika' in the Lohagara police station's bedroom, I was not there at that time.Ujjwal Sheikh's brother Emdadul said outside the police station that I do family politics. But now I am unable to do anything myself.

Arrested 9 people, chief Rezaul Haque. He is accused number 4 in Sahapara house and temple vandalism. His house is in Batikabari village and own uncle of Ujjwal Sheikh. He has a tailor shop in Diglia Bazar. It is known from family and area searches that he is not involved in politics but in family politics.  are related.Zillur Rahman of Kumri village is directly related to this case of Awami League. It is known from the Elabasi and Diglia Bazar news that Yasmine Apan Bhatija, the defeated candidate in the last Union Parishad election with the boat symbol and his loyal staff. Zillur Rahman was active in all the processions of the Union Parishad.

Same comment, in the case of Russel Mridha of Dighlia Bazar. He is the accused number 2 in this case. He was very active in the procession meeting in the election of the Union Parishad.

No political record was found of Roman Mullah of Kumra West Para village. On the day of the incident, the procession was attacked.  He was arrested from there. He was made defendant number 6 in this vandalism case. Although he admitted about the procession, he did not admit about the attack and vandalism.When I spoke to him at the police station, he said that I was in the procession, but I was not involved in any kind of vandalism and arson.

Talking to the investigating officers, it is said that the accused have been identified by looking at the CCTV footage of the day of the incident in the afternoon and evening.

According to the police statement, accused No. 1 works as the main organizer of the whole incident of Syed Sheikh Talbaria village. This accused No. 1 excites people by giving various excited speeches in the public gathering. Rasel Mrida of Digh Lea village, Kabir Gazi of Lutia village, Rezaul of Batikabari village helped him.  Sheikh and Masum Billa of Boyra village. After Syed Sheikh, the rest are accused number 1 to 5 in succession. The rest led from the front of Agnisanjok in Michil house and temple.

Sheikh Abu Hena, officer-in-charge of Lohagarh police station, said that political identity should not be considered in identifying and arresting the accused. 9 people were arrested in the case of attack on Sahapara and brought to court. More arrests will be soon.

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