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Hindu Genocide in 1971: Tribunal Gave Death Sentence to 6 Rajakars

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Six Razakars were sentenced to death by the International Criminal Tribunal for the genocide of Hindus during the 1971 Liberation War. Today, July 28, Thursday at 11 am, the court gave this verdict. 

Pakistan created ‛Rajakar Group’ to eliminate Hindus. During Liberation War, many Jamat members and Muslim League members joined this group. Armed by Pakistan Army, this group did targeted killing of Hindus, Freedom fighters; raping women, wiping out Hindu villages throughout Bangladesh.

 A total of 8 people were convicted of the crime. But 2 of them have already died.  The 6 persons who received death sentence are Amjad Hossain Howladar of Khulna, Ali Sardar of Shahura, Atiyar Rahman, Mostamin Billah, Kamal Uddin and Nazrul Islam. Among them, Nazrul Islam is still absconding.

Last Tuesday, a three-member bench led by Justice Shahinur Islam of the International Criminal Tribunal found them guilty.

Amjad Hussain Hawladar carried out the most brutal killing of Hindus among the 6 criminals who were sentenced to death.  Amjad Hossain was associated with Jamaat and Muslim League during the Liberation war.

The charges against them proved and for which they were sentenced to death are:-

(1) On August 10, 1971, Amjad Hossain Howladar and his accomplice Panch Razakar attacked Machahalia village of Batiaghata area. They entered the house of Shantilata Mandal in the village and brutally tortured them. Vinod Mondal, a member of that house, was kidnapped and subjected to inhuman torture. He was later shot dead.

(2) On October 15, 1971 AD, a group of Razakars attacked East Halia village of Batiaghata area. They shot and killed Haridas Majumdar, a resident of that village, after severely torturing him.

(3) On October 21, 1971, a group of Razakars led by Amjad Hossain Howladar attacked Sukhdara village in Batiaghata. The village was Hindu dominated. The Rajakars vandalized the houses of the Hindus in the village and set them on fire. Razakar army shot dead 4 Hindus of the village.

(4) On 29th November 1971, Razakar forces attacked Baroaria village of Batiaghata.  Apart from vandalizing Hindu houses and setting them on fire, Razaka's forces also shot dead freedom fighters Jyotish Mandal and Abdul Aziz.

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