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An appeal to Hindutva thinkers and PM Modi


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© Sri Subhas Mitra

(Part 1)

We all know what Europe did in India and to Hinduism. We also know their white and Abrahamic superiority but how many of us know that 24 out of 26 EU country’s  SUPERIOR people  do not recognize HINDUISM as a religion even today 2022? Because of Biblical theocracy in Ireland, a Hindu lady’s medical termination of Pregnancy was denied and she had to die. Who knows how many of their own ladies might be dying on such medical complications.  

However that is not my point. I know Hindus holds very important and dignified position in almost all fields in developed world. There are lots of eminent writers and brain of creativities all over the world. What are they thinking about it?

Do they think only their elevation in authority and asset building and children’s future? Besides taxation and other social liability under law, their Abrahamic counterparts pay THITA & ZAKAT towards their respecting community. What do our people do? I am not asking you pay donation but at least emit thoughts like Rishi Sunak or Deeapk Chopra and not like Bobby Jindal or Amartya Sen. That will keep our moral up. We do not need your hard earned money.

I appealed to all my author, reporter, and writer friends not to work for reward and awards alone but work for your own grandchildren/ great grandchildren too who are unlikely to learn their “survival toolkit to save own identity” if you do not work to bring changes.  

Then I wish to draw their attention towards how our enemies formed “Academic Army” to destroy Hinduism not with Bible-Canon or Quran-Sword but with Academic means/weapons.

You should write on the chemistry of Crusade and Jihad (CJ). Explore its purpose in the contemporary world, its ramification, manifestation, modalities, and various modus operandi. I believe Abrahamic expansionism walks on TWO legs, Cross & Crescent, right from September 11, 1683 confrontation at the “gate of Vienna” to its revenge in September 11, 2001, Tween Tower/pentagon. How an Islamic center came up in Ground Zero.  Who own the match?

In India we still worship our university destroyer at Baktiyarpur @  Nalanda since 1203 AD. Who win?

  After 2014 I am forced to think that CJ prevails in politics not only via economy and academy but through commerce, Industry, use of science- technology, Advertisement world, movies to control resources, weaponry as well as in other secular spheres.

Destruction of Vedic civilization in line with other 44 civilizations they destroyed , have been their inherent theocratic aim but with the rise of Hindu awareness, Hindu sign of unity, Hindu prominence globally in important positions, Hindu influence in their own home ( social domain) might have made them impatience to act against Hindus( India). I do not know how many Fold Foundation & George Soros has formed how many billion $ funds to promote AAP and bring Hilary Clinton to Mamata Banerjee of India’s Bengal and to DESTROY SOURCE of Hindu awareness.

Note their influence inside India.

… sikh oum ……

Why PM of India could not enter Indian Punjab, a state ruled by India’s Grand Old freedom fighter party?

January 2022 PM was held hostage on a flyover for 20 minutes because of security lapse. 26/11 Mumbai attack by Pakistan was not avenged because congress thought BJP will get advantage. When many states rejected them how Punjab welcomed them or its upgraded version called AAP?


We read that Sandracottus (Chandragupta) defeated Seleukos Nikator, commander in chief of Alexander in 305 CE in Punjab. He also married the fifteen to sixteen year old daughter of Seleukos, Helena, and took her back to his capital, Pataliputra. But we hardly read that lots of Greek did not return but settled in Punjab. Histories also tell us that people from Afghan, Uzbek to lower Iran used to settle here for better harvest.

Punjab is truly a province of cosmopolitan genetics. Descendants for Mihirkulla to all invaders left stamp. Even today there are Greek names like Savittar Minhas (my onetime colleague) etc. Their inclination towards ‘phoren’ (Caucasian’s land) and getting influenced or radicalized by CJ forces seems some people’s inbuilt tendencies but I do not hold them anti - Hindu or anti-national.  

Enemies of Hinduism, CJ have taken grip over Kerala, West Bengal and Punjab though Kashmir & N.E. became manageable.

They might now be targeting Prime Minister Modi to put him in their “trap” the way they did in Libya, Iraq, Philippines ( Klerk Base)  and South Korea (Syngman Rhee, defected USA after becoming Christian) to put them in trap and made them to dance. 



*.  He did not kill Muslims at shaheen bag as Indira Gandhi killed 3000+ Hindu sadhus in 1966 on the cow slaughter issue.

*. He did not unleash or instigate mayhem after Sadhu killing at Pulgarh, Maharashtra like Congress killed almost 2700 Sikhs in 1984.  Or

*.Congress Killed 8000 Hindus in Bombay in 1948 after Gandhi assassination.

…. Iamge Brahman killing …..

*. He did not allow hijacking of Air India plane as did congress in 1978 and 1981 to free Indira Gandhi from Jail.  

*. He has not bull dodged SJF (Sikh for Justice, banned org) Farmer agitation but foiled their game plan by bending before राष्ट्र हीत का मज़बूरी (to save the nation from civil war) against his own non - compromising record.

*. Supreme Court panel indicts Ferozepur SSP for PM security lapse  

* He has to compromise on his own rule of 75 as age seal in politics because of caste base and divisive politics promoted by Dynasty building politician. Congress wants to make LINGAYET community a non-Hindu & we want them with us. Why so much animosity with Hindus in Hindustan by imported people?  

*. He did not invoke Article 356 in states where CMs violated the constitution in the name of Federal Structure etc. as it was usual for congress even when a dynasty catholic lady was not allowed in a temple.

*.  He did not use Commandos to forcefully flash out road blockers.

I do not understand politics but for me, these all show He is not FALLING in enemies “trap” and refusing to play T20 / one-day match. लगता है ये लमही रेस की घोड़ा है.  Punjab incidence proves his call for कांग्रेस मुक्त भारत (India free from Congress) is 100% genuine call.

…Yogi and terrorist ……

Our ‘white Master’ Effects: (WM)

Even after 600 years of Islamic atrocities and subjugation when WM gained grip on India and heard us singing before our Temples:

श्याम पिया मोरी रंग दे चुनरिया,

ऐसी रंग दे जो रंग ना छूटे

धोबिया धोये चाहे सारी उमरिया……..

(Views expressed in this article are personal)

(To be continued...)

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