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Bhaichung Bhutia: A hardcore Separatist in making

Who does not know Bhaichung Bhutia? A football star from Sikkim with a pan-India fan following. But a fact is little known that after a successful football career, he is a political leader now. Launched a political party and to gain popularity, he is deliberately inciting Separatist mentality among the people of Sikkim.

Bhaichung Bhutia launched his political party Hamro Sikkim Party(HSP) on 31st May, 2018. But till to date, his party could not gain popularity among masses of Sikkim. So, to gain popularity, he chose the easy way- inciting Separatist mentality by demanding the implementation of Inner Line Permit(ILP), political analysts say.

Image: Bhutia in a rally, demanding implementation of ILP

Yesterday, Bhaichung Bhutia demanded to implent ILP in Sikkim referring to the Article 371(F) of Constitution. While talking to reporters, he allegedly, “A large numbers of people from outside are living in Sikkim and they have Electoral Voter Identity Card and Ration cards on the basis of fake Certificate of Identification and Aadhaar Card which endangers the rights of local people”.

 He also expressed his concerns at the threat of demographic disbalance caused by outsiders.

But if you throughly review the words of Bhaichung Bhutia, you'll not find any difference from the words of separatists of Kashmir; as they also speak in same manner referring the Constitution. Difference is that Article 370 is abrogated. 

But if we look into the Sikkim, the state is mainly depends on tourism. Right now, ILP is only for people of outside of India. But Bhutia wants ILP for Indians of other states also. If it is implemented, then it will affect tourism and economy of the state. And the situation of Sikkim may become like of Nagaland in future- insurgency and attack on Army. 

And in case of Bhaichung, spending so many years in different states of India, receiving love of people, still he feels separate himself from the people of the rest of the country. This is the pure specimen of degradation of moral self and from love of country. And the solution of this problem- Abrogation of Article 371. One Nation, One Rule. Same treatment, Same dignity.

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