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Bangladesh: 1,602 Bigha land belongs to Jeshoreswari Kali temple illegally occupied

Image: Jeshoreswari Kali Temple

Despite owning 1,602 bighas of land, Kalika Devi of Jashoreshwari Kali Mandir, the Shaktipeeth of Bangladesh, is now only the land left on which temple is standing today. Devotees are coming from the road to offer prayers at this historical Kali temple, established on one of the fifty-one Peethas described in the sacred Puranas of Sanatan Dharma.

 Jeshoreswari Kali Mandir is a famous temple in Bangladesh for Hindu devotees. This Shaktipeeth is located in Ishwaripur village of Shyamnagar upazila of Satkhira.  The name Jashoreswari means "Goddess of Jashore".  It is a holy pilgrimage site for Sanatana devotees.

It is known that the temple was built by a Brahmin named Anari.  He constructed 100 doors of this Jashoreswari Shaktipeeth.  But it is not known when the temple was built.  It was later renovated in the thirteenth century during the reigns of Lakshmana Sen and later Pratapaditya, one of the 12 Bhuiyan kings of Bengal.  Adjacent to the main temple was a large stage named Natmandir.  From where the face of the goddess can be seen.  It collapsed after 1971.  Now only the pillars are visible.

About this temple, Sanatana Dharma followers believe that, “In Satya Yuga, when Sati Mata left her body after skillful yajna, Mahadeva carried Sati's dead body on his shoulder and started the global deluge dance, Vishnu Dev cut Sati's dead body with Sudarshan Chakra.  In this, the body parts of Sati Mata fell in different places of the Indian subcontinent and all these places came to be known as Shaktipeeth.

Image: Indian PM Narendra Modi visited and offered prayers in the temple

Jashoreswari Temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peeths.  These peeths are spread between India and India's neighboring countries.  Of these, there are six peeths in Bangladesh.  Hindus believe that among these 51 Peeths, Jashoreswari Kali Temple is the one where the palms and feet of Goddess Sati fell.

On the occasion of the golden jubilee of Bangladesh's independence, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Jashoreshwari Kali Temple in Shyamnagar, Satkhira on Saturday, March 27, on a two-day visit to Bangladesh in March 2021.  During his visit to the temple that morning, he worshiped the black stone idol of Kali.  After entering the temple, the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi crowned the goddess as per custom.  After that he finished dressing the goddess.  After offering garlands to the goddess, he sat in yoga posture and recited the mantra of worship.  After garlanding, he circumambulates the goddess.

Note that this was the first visit of a foreign head of government to Satkhira.  And so the long dilapidated temple was renovated around the arrival of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  The Jashoreshwari temple premises were beautifully decorated with various bamboo crafts to welcome Modi.

Historical records of this temple dating back to the Mughal era have mentioned it as a universal temple.  While one of the temple's four sevayats during the British period is "Gyan Chatropadhyay Adhikari" the fourth Varishan Purusha;  Prominent actor and reciter Jayant Chatropadhyay Adhikari and his younger brother Jyoti Chatropadhyay Adhikari Sarvajan have claimed this temple as their family temple, thus Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's announcement to build a multi-storied community center at this Shaktipeeth site in Bangladesh has stalled.

Sanatana devotees of Shyamnagar alleged that three of the four men of the temple left the country long ago, out of the previous four.  There is no heir of these three services in this country.  On that occasion, the fourth Sevayat "Gyan Chatropadhyay Adhikari" and his successors have usurped 1,602 bigha land of the temple by inheritance.  They have sold this land from generation to generation.  Even among the existing 44 centuries of land within the temple boundaries, only 7 centuries of land are recorded in the name of the temple.  As a result, there is intense dissatisfaction among the Hindus of the district.

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