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When will we learn? Can ‛Brahma Gyan sustain without ‛Kshatra Tej'?


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© Subhas Mirta 

When I watched the film Kashmir Files, I got disturbed and tried to understand how the “Panchal Desa” OF Mahabharata became  J&K (greater Rajoury & Gilgit-Baltistan) where Gyanis / scholars or Pandits landed in a refugee camp in their own country when ( imposter) KP dynasty (of Gyassuddin/ Mubarak Ali origin)  ruled Delhi.  

At one stage I was thinking of blaming


Maharaja Hari Singh 


Jawahar Lal Nehru for the entire development. 

Then I thought:

a. Without Overt or Covert consent/approval of the so-called KP dynasty in Delhi could such a situation develop?. VP Singh & Mufti Mohammad Sayeed seems coincidental (when a fruit is ripe enough it must fall. On whose head it fell is a different issue). What was all Home Ministers doing from 1947 to Sardar Buta Singh during Rajiv Gandhi?  Having Sheikh Abdullah hidden behind a curtain who “told lie” about Kashmir to SP Mukherjee and why?   

b. JKLF was founded in the UK in 1976. Who legalized it in India and why? 

c. If M. O. Mathai as Chief Secretary could discover the Nehru dynasty, what were PN Haksar or other Pandit bureaucrats doing? 

d. Pandit Rameswarnath Kao formed RAW in 1968 with धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः as its motto. What the hell it was doing if they could not protect/perform their own obligation (कर्तब्य). 

e. What was iron lady Pandita Begum doing with RAW? Spying Sanjay Gandhi? 

However, I then remembered the following activities of KPs: 

1st Call for Gharwapasi -  Butshikan’s decedent, Zain-ul-Abidin (1423–74) allowed all force convert Muslims to return. It was voluntary and many returned. 

2nd chance: Akbar conquered Kashmir in 1587 AD and gave special preference to Brahmins and Buddhists. Homecoming was not discouraged but it fizzled out and resulted split in KPs -  those who did not migrate were known as MALMASI Pandit, Those who fled & returned became BANMASI Pandit and those who disguised by taking up business were BUHIRS Pandit.

3rd Gharwapasi: Maharaja Gulab Singh (1792–1857)  took up from Maharaja Ranjit Singh and shifted the capital from Lahore to Srinagar in1819.  There was a mass movement in native Muslims for “homecoming” to which these Pandits objected. When Golap Singh overruled the objection Pundits jumped to a river for committing suicide.

When the kingdom fell in the hands of Afghan forces, the royal family entered in matrimonial relation and took up the title “JARAL” to “MIRZA” and became Muslim. These Muslim soldiers were placed in the Gilgit Baltikisthan region by the British. After partition, they simply gave up to Pakistanis without a single shot. Mountbatten was (war room in charge) as supreme commander of both India & Pakistan when Indian PM was a so-called KASHMIRI PANDIT. 

Why talk only KPs? We must think about the following too before it is too late.

1. Bhadraloks of Bengal: They did not get warned when ML was formed in 1906. They learned nothing from Banga Vanga till 2011 but ran behind Muslims with Rakhi in hand or from Calcutta Killing, Noyakhali, Partition, Hindu genocide in the hand Razakars from then to 2021 Cumilla kand. But they showed solidarity with Rohingya and BD infiltrators/terrorists and did Ka Ka Ki Ki on street.  

a. They even refuge to concede that KPs are scholars from many centuries before the Islamic invasion but these Bongs are learned only after the British came. It could be this deep root that holds KPS at 2% but Bhadraloks was 65.5% when the British came and 46% when they left and as per my 2021 estimation they are just around 31% (both Bengal) now. Will they survive till falling to 2%? 

b. Bhadroloks are proud of Coffee house, Bhasha Diwas and Mujib’s Jay Bangla but not that Padma Puran and part of Brahmabaimartya Puran was composed at the bank of River Padma. 

2. Sikhs: The warrior people who saved Sanatan Parampara from Muslims but when the British came they started switching to crypto Christianity through love jihad with white ladies and now openly supporting anti-nationalism George Soros’s sponsored political dispensation.  

3. Marathas: who formed “Hindu Pad Padshahi” and saved Sanatan Dharma from destruction are seeking RESRVSTION for survival, Police, instead of protecting, handing over Hindu Sadhus to terrorists and witnessing how sadhus are killed. They are protecting the alleged narcotic gang, D company land jihadi, and Hindu killers. 

4. Cholas, Vijaynagar, etc: With the inheritance of such a glorious past they are now willingly slipping in the hand of the “Vatican” by encouraging conversion with reservation and Temple’s money distribution by winning the election with Hindu votes. 

5. Ahom warriors:  Over 300 years they prevented Islamic aggression but when Christians (EIC) came they fell into the trap and Delhi’s KP dynasty was trying to bring them to the brink of annihilation. Now there is some hope of regaining lost pride in non-converted peoples.  

My consultation: 

I find no new or unique methods which were not used earlier since 711 AD for us.  Did we learn anything?

(Opinions expressed in this article are personal)

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